Young man with his dog walking sidewalk in public park in fog. Playful labrador retriever holding stick in mouth in frosty day.Treatment for Low Testosterone Issues, Fatigue, Decreased Muscle Strength, Hypertension, and More

In addition to the typical primary care services offered to men and women alike through the Hometown Health Clinic, we also provide male-specific health services. Patients can get their flu shots, physicals, and annual blood work done at the same place they have their testosterone levels checked and provide the care necessary to improve their overall health.

Issues such as low testosterone can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, depression, decreased libido, fatigue, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass and strength, and even breast tissue discomfort and enlargement. Some risk factors that can lead to low testosterone are type 2 diabetes, obesity, use of opioids, hypertension, and more. By providing men’s health services we can help diagnose and treat low testosterone and help them regain their lust for life.

Our male patients can also rely on Hometown Health Clinic to provide urology services, testing for prostate issues, and mental health services that focus on problems specific to men.